May 17, 2014

About my accident on Saturday

On Saturday last week I was hit by a taxi when I was on my bicycle.
After a whole day of riding on a motorcycle from Shinagawa to the Sodegaura Raceway and then through the Aqualine all the way to Kichijoji..... it was a perfect day for riding and all was well.

After getting home and then just cruising to the store on a bicycle...
A taxi rammed me from the side and I ended up breaking two-three ribs and I have a sprained neck, bruises and scratches.

If you consider the speed that the taxi hit me, I would say it's a miracle I only have a few broken bones. I really wonder why taxis drive so fast on such narrow streets of a neighborhood and ignore stop signs, don't signal..... Etc...

When I'm riding a motorbike, I'm covered in armor, leather and sliders... But on the bicycle the only protection I had was a cap, jeans and a t-shirt.

After some quick inspection of my spine and lots of X-rays and CTs... luckily I had no serious damage.

Well I guess what I consider "serious" is actually permanent damage...
I only have injuries that heal.

I learnt many things again from this accident.

(Besides stopping and looking both ways before going into intersections, even in a quiet neighborhood with almost no traffic)

First of all, my friends family are so caring and supportive... I know I need to take better care of myself.

Even my new colleagues that I have just gotten to know are so caring and loving. I am grateful for being able to meet so many cool people that think and care about others the way they do.

I'm positive they really are out to make the world a better place.

If you just found out about my accident through this post.. We'll most likely I didn't tell you because I didn't want to worry you too much. That's one of the things I hope to improve over the course of this year.... Not making people too worried about my pace of life and work.

On the other hand..... I confirmed that my current boss for the a lot of the work I do does not care so much about his employee's health or well being.. Or their feelings. It was clear that I need to find someone to work with that would value someone's loyalty or commitment... Or someone who values and respects other people. I don't care to work for someone who has no love or passion to care about people. I believe that love, trust, passion and caring is the foundation of all good business.

Next, I think this was another warning from the universe that time is limited.
Our resources are limited. We can only do a few things at a time and sometimes we need to slow down or focus I what is most important to us.

I have a lot of rehabilitation ahead of me, especially for my neck but I will consider this as a chance to also reorganize my priorities so I can really contribute to the world.

Anyway I can't ride or cycle let alone walk for long distances but I'm still feeling rather good.

May 3, 2014

出発地点に到着! Finally got to the start point!

About to depart!! Finally got out to the start point!



Great weather!!!

650km 峠の旅に出ます!!
650km Winding touge ride!!!!

5 (Bass/Vocals of Lo-Fi)