Nov 20, 2015

Thank you EL RODEO! Thank you AYUMI!

We are now on our way back from a show we did in Osaka with Ayumi. It was an event for a brand with a long history in Osaka. They’re called “El Rodeo” and have a 30+ year history in Osaka. It was amazing to hear about the long history of the event itself as well. We are participants in the 31st year of the event.

The night started out with a live painting jam to create a dress for one of the EL Rodeo Models. The canvas had the clothing textile pinned on to it, and as the painting finishes on the canvas it’s peeled off and turned into a dress sewn together on the stage.

Our set list for the night was:

Cubic Glass
Carpe Diem
Your Beautiful
Like The Sunshine
You Gotta Be
The World Is Yours

“Like The Sunshine” is a new song I recently wrote inspired by some of the themes of Ayumi’s paintings.

The show was really exciting and we want to thank all those who came out to see us at this show.

Hope to get the new song recorded soon!

May 8, 2015

Making the Ayumi x Lo-Fi collaboration video with the MV1

How did we film this live-painting video collaboration with Ayumi?

We used the Sony MV1 recorder of course, but also put a lot of camera tools to use to get the sounds and angles that we wanted to create this piece.

The band performance was one part of the filming that we really wanted to get a "live" sound with the reverbs and environmental noise of the live painting setting.

With the MV1 we were able to capture all of this at once and it really helped bring the painting sounds to the forefront!

We hope you enjoy this video and share it along with our other videos!

Here is the Lo-Fi original music video with the MV1 as well....!

Apr 7, 2015

Ayumi x Lo-Fi x Sony collaboration!

So the long awaited new music video is finally here!


It's a collaboration between our band and painter Ayumi.

She's a unique painter in Japan that mixes street art styles with stained glass and acrylic paints to create a mishmash of different tastes with a uniting theme linked to emotions.

Like music it captures a feeling that we have like a record of our emotional past.

We tried putting the painting and music together to a high degree by recording the painting sounds themselves as an instrument. This was made possible by using the Sony HDRMV1 camera to film and record at the same time.

All the footage you see in our clip is from the MV1, same goes for the sound!
NOTHING was recorded on another recording device...!

The story of this video is about being isolated and alone, but by creating something, it brings people together.

will bring you more details later!





実際ライブペインティングのイベントをやる形で過程を映像にできて面白い作品になったと思うのでチェックしてください。全ての映像と音は全部 SONY MV1で撮影しております。


Jan 4, 2015

Drum recording with the MV1

So here’s a video of me explaining how we recorded the drums for the new music video from Lo-Fi “Keep On Smiling"

We were recording the music along with the video footage on location and I must say that it was a really interesting experience. In the past I’ve only done the standard way of recording for a music video…. doing the music in the studio and then doing the filming on location.


(Also see: Piano recording video)

It was great to be able to write arrange and record the sound in the environment that we’d be filming in. Sure there was more pressure on us that we only had one shot and it was sweltering hot or windy or whatnot to make things difficult, but it was easy to “get into the zone” for recording that piece.


If you haven’t tried this kind of recording before I really recommend it.

It was fun and also inspiring when we wrote the music. Sure… you won’t be able to do more than 2-3 takes since it’s so hot.. or the tide would rise up into the kick drum… but I think we were able to record some interesting stuff.


Hopefully we’ll get some more interesting material released soon!



去年リリースしたビデオ Keep On Smilingのドラム収録方法を紹介したビデオです。


Jan 3, 2015

Piano recording ・ ピアノ収録

Happy New Year!

Another wonderful start of the year.

Enjoying some great weather and a very quiet retreat away from the city madness….!

Was off the grid for most of the winter vacation and recharging for the New Year.


Last year we had the privilege to record some great footage in Iheya Island Okinawa for the new Lo-Fi music video. If you haven’t seen it yet here’s the direct link:

Keep on Smiling (The Lo-Fi)


Check out the other new video we have of me explaining how we actually recorded the pianos for this:








Jan 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Looking forward to an exciting New Year!

5 (Bass/Vocals of Lo-Fi)