Dec 20, 2014

Keep on smiling... 新しいビデオについて


So the long awaited video was finally uploaded and shared!

"Keep on smiling"…..

A lot of work was put into making this video, and we really hope everyone enjoys the beautiful beaches and energy we got from the island that we put into the music.

We did all of the recording and writing on Iheya Island Okinawa.

It was a beautiful experience and definitely one of the most memorable!

I know that it’s not obvious from the video, but the recording of the sound was done on location as we were filming the video. This was an attempt to try something new to get the FEEL of the vibes we got from the island into the sound.

With all the beach wave sounds, to the ocean breeze….  all on the tracks we mixed together.

The song is about something really simple. Being happy.
Being happy is another story… not so simple….!

Anyway… enjoy!


Keep On Smiling という新曲のビデオがついにリリースしました。


今回の曲のタイトルの意味は 「笑顔を絶やさないで」という意味で、



23台のカメラ(Sony HDRMV1)を時には同時に使って、映像撮影と同時に各楽器にまた別途複数台のカメラを取り付けて録音をしている。