Jul 22, 2014

先日のライブの写真 Photos up from some recent shows

All the issues that were making me pretty busy related to the accident have settled down. Now I’ll probably have some more work to do after Ive completed all of my rehabilitation. It’s really strange but after long hours on the desk my left hand is really numb. (My muscles work fine, but the sensation on the outside of my hand get’s really tingly… ) Doc says I’ll be fine with more rehabilitation so.. oh well!

Here’s some photos from my recent shows with Lo-Fi and also with me and Yosh playing for other musicians.




逗子ビーチ近くにある海の家/オープンカフェレストランの Surfer’s でやったライブの写真です!


This here photo is from the Beach House near Zushi beach called SURFERS




The Lo-Fiのステージ前には大好きなギタリストの Aoさんや Hannaと一緒にジャムもした


This photo is us jamming with Hanna and AO

Surfers hanna

Surfers ao



Earlier that day we also did a show supporting Jerome in his project “Poetic License"




Photos from the Roppongi show

The Lo-Fi


Jul 3, 2014

Status update!

Got to the hospital in early enough in the morning so I don’t have to wait too long. It should be the last time I have to visit the doctor for a while now!

Bones mended and my neck with almost full mobility, things are looking much much better.

Considering how I started out... Things are looking good.

Actually a lot things happened and I’m really pleased that I was able to see the best in the people around me in a challenging time for me. Thank you all for the warm support. I hope I can repay you when I get back to work.

A long pending project that I've been super excited about has finally gotten the “go-sign”.

I know it’ll be really challenging but I am sure that our team will create something really really special! I'm excited that we got the funding to make this cool work a reality!

On another note, I did achieve my goal of successfully standing and performing for that show last week. This week I've also got some shows.

With Lo-Fi I’ll be doing our first beach house gig on the 6th Sunday at the Zushi Surfer’s beach house! We’ll be performing around 19:30.

Before that I’ll be playing bass and Yosh will be on drums for the ambient blues band “kneedraggers” on the same stage. Earlier in the day we’ll also be performing for The Poetic License on the same beach. Tonight I’ll be playing bass for The Poetic License at the Crawfish.

Hope to see everyone at our show!

5 (Bass/Vocals of Lo-Fi)