Apr 7, 2015

Ayumi x Lo-Fi x Sony collaboration!

So the long awaited new music video is finally here!


It's a collaboration between our band and painter Ayumi.

She's a unique painter in Japan that mixes street art styles with stained glass and acrylic paints to create a mishmash of different tastes with a uniting theme linked to emotions.

Like music it captures a feeling that we have like a record of our emotional past.

We tried putting the painting and music together to a high degree by recording the painting sounds themselves as an instrument. This was made possible by using the Sony HDRMV1 camera to film and record at the same time.

All the footage you see in our clip is from the MV1, same goes for the sound!
NOTHING was recorded on another recording device...!

The story of this video is about being isolated and alone, but by creating something, it brings people together.

will bring you more details later!





実際ライブペインティングのイベントをやる形で過程を映像にできて面白い作品になったと思うのでチェックしてください。全ての映像と音は全部 SONY MV1で撮影しております。