Apr 20, 2016

Now we are back

I wish I could come home every night to start writing songs, lyrics, and even recording in my home studio. I haven't lived like that for a while now.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to do this for a while. Most of my writing was for a clear end goal, a business objective. This could be writing for a filming project or a particular event or ad... this was not so difficult. What was difficult for me was to tap back into just writing for the sake of writing and enjoying it, whether there was no client that would help me make a living.

I remember when I first started writing or performing music, it was clear that I wanted to write something that I thought was good, and that was all that mattered. It was and still is amazing to connect with new people that I meet through music and learning who they REALLY are. What we abstractly communicate through the art of music, I think is a true glimpse of who we are. Even old friends and band members, I am thrilled to learn about what they are feeling now and how they engage with the music we create together, even after many years of co-creation.

Just pursuing what you yourself think is "good" is a bit selfish, although necessary in the early years of learning to create. Of course only being able to create for yourself is not a good way to make a living as an artist. I eventually, out of necessity, I learned to use my craft to meet the needs of my target market and generate sales. Now after a long time of being away from art projects, I've decided that I needed to get back to pure writing, recording, and performing for the sake of doing it. Kind of like for own understanding of figuring out where I want to go next. Of course, naturally as a performer I want to please crowds and see them enjoy the music I create, whether that would be in the studio or on a live stage.

I also look forward to getting feedback about what I create since I've been keeping silence for so damn long.

Sure I always have the excuse of being super busy... I was actually working on writing (like a book) and that kept me busy enough to keep my mind off of writing music.

I also think that I was waiting to long for my band to be in writing mode again. But to be honest, I'm not sure when we will be in that mode again.

Yosh and I have been talking about starting a new phase of our music project, just the two of us mainly to see where we can go. I like the idea since it frees my writing and expression from some restrictions we had before with the trio format of Lo-Fi.

I don't think it will change us completely of course, since anything that we do is essentially us any way you spin it.

This summer I think will be a good time to release a few songs, and maybe do a few performances with the new songs we'll release.

Now that I feel like my mind is back on track, I hope to keep everyone updated here too.

The new homepage will also be ready soon.

I apologize to everyone that was in the dark about what happened to Lo-Fi. But I guess in simple words, we were just taking a break, and we will be back soon.

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